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April 23, 2020


Cooperation between Korean drama and modern tea brand for the first time
The King: Eternal Monarch X THE ALLEY

以「新式茶飲美學」風格深受年輕男女喜愛的【THE ALLEY鹿角巷】從眾多品牌脫穎而出,成為全球首支與一線韓劇贊助合作的茶飲品牌!!

THE ALLEY鹿角巷品牌創辦人兼執行長邱茂庭表示:「我們已經做好準備,要用貼近消費者日常與生活的新式美學,讓全球都能看見,並認識這個還有更多無限可能的品牌!本次與【THE KING永遠的君主】的合作,就是實踐品牌精神的第一步:不僅僅只是將飲品置入在場景裡,而是要將品牌「融入在劇情中」,這種完全融入劇中人物日常生活的設定,相信是海外品牌置入模式的首創,也為跨界贊助合作立下了一個新的里程碑!」

隨著劇情的走向,會陸續解鎖各種隱藏版的驚喜與特別企劃,這些都是指定贊助合作的夥伴才能享有的獨家彩蛋,也只會在限定地區包括:台灣、加拿大、馬來西亞、新加坡、香港、法國、柬埔寨、美國紐約、橘縣等的THE ALLEY鹿角巷推出,敬請持續關注期待!

Modern tea brand "THE ALLEY " focuses on aesthetic drinks, stands out and becoming the first tea brand to do sponsorship collaboration with top-listed Korean drama!!

“We are ready to use new aesthetic which close to the daily life of consumers and let the world know this brand is full of possibilities!!This collaboration with “The King: Eternal Monarch” is the first step in practicing the spirit of the brand: not only place our drinks in the scene, but also "integrate the brand into the plot", which is fully matched the setting of characters’ daily life. I believe this can be the first model of the overseas brand placement and set a new milestone for cross-border sponsorship cooperation! " said Mao-ting Chiu, founder and CEO of The Alley.

The Alley will reveal more hidden surprises and special projects along with the broadcast, these are Easter eggs only the designated partners can enjoy. Only in limited areas including: Taiwan, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Orange County, France, Cambodia, stay tuned for more exciting news!